This is what we do. We could start by telling you about how great wreck-diving, deep diving, Nitrox, and exotic travel are (and yes, they are all awesome), but let’s simply get you not only certified, but qualified as a comfortable diver first and then let the other cool things take care of themselves as you gain experience.


If you were the one who was asked by someone else to join them in taking SCUBA lessons, your first reaction may have been “Um, ok. Gulp.” (You know who you are). I know, because I was that person and had the same reaction. That’s why we specialize in training at the student’s pace and not according to timeframes. All classes are small which allows plenty of practice time to complete your skills while not feeling stressed or rushed to completion. After all, SCUBA diving is fun. Let’s keep it that way.


Scuba is a “community” activity. Divers love to get together, tell stories, and plan their next big adventure.
Therefore, join us at the store at 6pm on the first Thursday each month for an informal, friendly gathering with others who share our love of diving.

At some point there will usually be a brief, enjoyable presentation on a SCUBA-related topic while we enjoy snacks.


Nearly anyone in relatively decent physical condition can enjoy Scuba diving. However, one of the first things any instructor will tell you is that your enjoyment and comfort level are relational to your conditioning. And while that is true, the conversation normally ends there.

That’s why I’m pleased to offer a free running club based on Josh Clark’s “Couch to 5k ® Running Plan.” This slow-structured, gradual program will take you from running just a few minutes per day, three times per week, up to running 3 miles non-stop. Admittedly, this program will not make you a world-class runner, but it will certainly improve your cardio and overall fitness level to a place where diving becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

This is an on-going program with several start dates throughout the year. Come by or call for details!