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Simply Scuba is owned and primarily operated by Martin Davidson. He has enjoyed diving since 2003 and became an instructor in 2009 at the completion of training at Hall’s Career Institute in Marathon, FL. He was pleased to attend the course with his daughter, Amanda, becoming the first father/daughter to complete the training side by side.

Join Us At Cozumel!

Get away with Simply Scuba! This winter we are travelling to Cozumel, known for its amazing reefs and drift diving!

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If you were the one who was asked by someone else to join them in taking SCUBA lessons, your first reaction may have been…


This is what we do. We could start by telling you about how great wreck-diving, deep diving, Nitrox, and exotic travel are (and yes, they are all awesome), but let’s simply get you not only certified, but qualified as a comfortable diver first and then let the other cool things take care of themselves as you gain experience.


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